Volunteer Background Check (VBC) 

Policies and Procedures  

Updated October 13, 2015


·         VBCs Structure: 

       The purpose of VBC is enhance safety and security for students and staff while maintaining an invitational school environment for all members of our learning community

       Designated secretaries and administrators will be given access to background check systems

       Each building will design a volunteer sign in procedure that meets the requirements of this policy and fits with the climate and culture of the building

       All volunteers are required to complete VBCs o Building principal has final approval/denial authority with discretion*

       Volunteer Background Checks are good for three years from the initial review.


·         Components of VBCs:

       Introductory Letter

       VBC application 

       Verification e-mail with volunteer survey link 


·         Time Frame:

       Monday, September 14, 2014 begins mandatory Implementation of VBCs for ALL volunteers and unsupervised visitors 

       Please reserve enough time between the volunteering events to ensure a complete background check. 


·         Application Process: 

       Volunteers complete application and submit to the school secretary of any Avon Community School Corporation school. 


·         Verification Process: 

       Two Databases to Review 

   State of Indiana Police criminal records 

   Indiana Sex Offender Catalogue

       Reviewer signs application

       Principal signs the application 

       A copy of the application and both VBCs are kept in confidential school files

       Secretary enters verification outcome into confidential database


·         Notification Process: 

       Secretary notifies the volunteer via e-mail

       A volunteer survey link is attached to this e-mail 

       E-mails will go out to all applicants indicating their approval or denial.  In sensitive denial cases, building principals should call the applicant to inform them personally of the denial.  Principal should avoid going into details about the nature of the background event

       The volunteer survey link compiles data into a staff accessible file


·         Two Database Locations:

       Two databases will be maintained

   A highly confidential VBCs approval/denial (Xcel) 

   A staff accessible volunteer preferences and skill sets 


·         Communication is the Key to Success:

       Communication format is based upon your school’s climate and culture

       School Messenger


       Back-to-School Folders 

       Meet the Teacher Nights

       All Study Trip Requests 

       Newsletters and Webpages 



·         Q&A:

·         What should I do when I have questions about a VBCs result?

       Consult with  Dr. Whitman or administrative colleague 

       Contact volunteer and inform that the background check requires additional information or that the background check did not pass inspection due to a criminal conviction or charge pending.


·         How will we notify volunteers who do not pass VBCs that they are denied access to our school?  


·         Strict confidentiality is a must.


·         Will the confidential database result be available to just my school or all schools? 

       Since we have parents/volunteers with children in multiple buildings, all preselected secretaries and administrators will have access to the confidential data base