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  • Avon Avenue Road Construction

    Parents please be advised we are beginning to suffer daily delays on Avon Avenue due to the ongoing road construction.  Avon Avenue is still open but many times traffic is being stopped in both directions to enable trucks to unload materials.  This may cause a delay in student pick up and drop off times for many of our buses.  Your patience is greatly appreciated.


    road construction sign




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  • banner
    Here Comes the Bus is FREE this school year to Avon families! 
    Winter weather is here!  This can make for slower than normal traffic and occasionally cause buses to run a little behind schedule.  Download the free Here Comes the Bus app from the App Store or Google Play.  Just sign up and you will know exactly where your child's bus is.  You can even receive alerts when it is near your home.  
     apple store         google
     School Code: 78330 
    Please note:
    Parents will need an active email address and the school assigned student ID number to complete the registration process.  The school assigned ID number may be found on a report card or if you are new to Avon Schools, please contact your home school.
    Here Comes the Bus Technical Assistance:  877-796-6842 or
    Sign up here:   
    hctb signup
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  • Attention Parents of Kindergarten Students

    Parent's of kindergarten students are required to meet their child at the bus stop for the afternoon drop off.  A parent may designate other individuals to receive their child by signing an authorization affidavit.  The affidavit is available at your child's school, transportation center or online.  

    The Kindergarten Bus Authorization Form link may be found under Department Files near the bottom of the transportation webpage.  If a parent elects to complete the form at the school or transportation center, a photo ID is required. If a parent elects to complete the form at home, the parent signature must be notarized. 

    kindergarten bus  



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  • Bus Stop Information Using E-link

    Parents may view bus stop information using E-link and can be accessed throughout the school year to obtain the most up to date bus stop information.   Parents are encouraged to check E-Link often as bus stops may be slightly altered due to new students being enrolled daily.

    Bus Stop Arm

    To access E-Link please use the following log-in procedure: (if student last name has less than 5 letters, use the entire last name)

    E-Link Login Screen

    Example: John Miller with a student number of 55555555
    •  User First five letters of student’s last name. first initial. student identification number: MILLE.J.55555555
    •  Password First five letters of student’s last name. first initial. student identification number: MILLE.J.55555555

    Student ID numbers may be found on the following: report card, and class schedule. You may also request information in person at your school. (For security reasons the student ID number cannot be given out over the phone.) New students (including kindergartners) will be given their ID number when they register.

    Log in to E-Link here:
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  • New Propane Buses

    The Transportation Center is proud to announce the addition of eight (8) new propane buses to our fleet! Propane is a very safe alternative fuel, both for the environment and the children that ride in these propane-powered buses.


    propane bus  



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    Transportation Employees Excel at National Competition

    Alan Fidler and Charlie Heiss successfully competed in the National Finals after both had won at the STAI (School Transportation Association of Indiana) competition earlier this year.  (Mr. Fidler was named Champion Inspector and Mr. Heiss was named Champion Technician.)  The trip to the National Championship in Kansas City pitted them against winners from across the country.  Mr. Fidler finished 8th in the nation in the Inspector Division.  Mr. Heiss placed 13th nationally in the Technician Division.


    We are prould that they were able to represent Avon Schools on a national level!  Congratulations!




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     Transportation Update For Families  

    Please take a moment to read our letter to families,  "Transportation Letter" in regards to buses, routes and other pertinent information.  This link can be found at the bottom of our page under "Department Files". 



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  • Did You Know?

    General Information:

    • Avon Transportation transports over 8,000 students to and from school each day.
    • Avon school buses are equipped with GPS (global positioning satellite) to help provide parents with real time access to the location of their child's bus.
    • With the work of the Avon Efficiency Task Force, we have upgraded our routing system this year and school start times in an effort to be more efficient with our transportation services. We will continue to adjust  our bus stops in an effort to increase safety and efficiency by eliminating as many stops as possible and locate stops at intersections.
    • The detailed work of the Efficiency Task Force in 2015 yielded results that will bring an estimated savings of $350,000 to our school system.
    • Avon has over 170 buses and support vehicles in its fleet.
    • Avon buses run about 480 routes each day.
    • Buses consume over 200,000 gallons of fuel annually.
    • Avon buses travel in excess of 1.1 million miles each year.  That's about 40 times around the equator!
    • The most dangerous maneuver performed with a bus is backing.
    • Each driver must possess a CDL (commerical driving license) with an "S" endorsement (school bus) and a "P" endorsement (passenger).
    • Buses must pass a state police inspection each year.
    • Buses must pass a pre-trip inspection each day prior to departure.

    Safety & Efficiency:

    • A school bus is the safest way to get to and from school, nearly 10 times safer than traveling in a passenger vehicle, according to data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.
    • Buses use their eight-way light system and stop arm when picking up and dropping off students. Corner stops allow ample time for the driver to activate the yellow warning lights before getting to the stop.
    • Bus drivers, especially substitutes, can see corner stops much more easily than house numbers so they can keep their foucs on their driving.  House numbers are located in a variety of places on houses and are often not easily visible from the street, especially in bad weather and before dawn or after dusk.
    • Ride times for students are shorter if buses are kept on main roads and are not sent down every street.  Route changes for new students can be more easily accommodated whens stops are at corners. 
    • Minimizing stops will also reduce costs for fuel as well as wear and tear on buses.
    • Students who walk or wait at school bus stops should dress appropriately for winter weather. 
    • Stay alert!  Hoodies, headphones, and portable electronic devices can distract students from paying attention to their surroundings.
    • Students should never run after the bus.  Please plan ahead and allow sufficient time to get to the bus stop.


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  • Thank you for visiting the Avon Transportation Center webpage.  You may contact our support staff at:

    Phone: 317-544-6140 (5:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.)
    Call Center:  317-544-6150 (8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.) The call center is available only for the week prior to the first day of school and the first two weeks after the start of a new school year.
    Fax: 317-544-6141
    Address: 255 South Avon Avenue
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    Transportation Center Mission Statement
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