In biology, students will study the structures and functions of living organisms and their interaction with their environment.
Topics covered in biology include: ecosystems and communities, cell structure and function, Mendelian genetics and meiosis, and the history of life. Students will investigate different biological careers and social issues. We will use a variety of methods to study these areas of science including:
                               laboratory work, cooperative assignments and projects, research, writing, videos, and computer technology.
At the end of the year Biology students will take the ECA (End-of-Course Assessment), also called the Core 40 exam. It is a state issued, criterian-referenced assessment for students completing Biology I.
 The grade breakdown for HA Biology is as follows:
  • 45% Tests
  • 40%  Labs, Homework, In-Class Activities
  • 15% Semester Exam

  • MONDAY: Cell Organelles QUIZ; 3-4 Passive Transport
    TUESDAY: Computer Lab: Cells Alive 

    WEDNESDAY: 3-5 Active Transport
    THURSDAY:  Ch.3 review

    FRIDAY:  Santa's Workshop Cell Project Intro.
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