Algebra 1 ECA Q & A
What does ECA stand for?   
End of Course Assessment
What if a student doesn't pass the Algebra I ECA?  
The student will have the opportunity to take the exam again.
How long is the test?
The Algebra I ECA is made up of two exams (~27 questions per exam).  Students will be given 55 minutes per exam. 
Avon currently administers one exam per day, unless the student is retaking the ECA, then both exams are administered on the same day. 
If a student has an IEP and is granted extra time for ISTEP testing, the student will be granted extra time for the Algebra I ECA as well.  If the student may use a calculator per his/her IEP, then that student will be allowed to use his/her calculator for both days of testing.
When will students take the Algebra I ECA?
The Algebra I ECA is given at the completion of Algebra I part B. 
What resources will students be allowed to use while taking the Algebra I ECA 
  • Reference Sheet
  • calculator (but only for one of the days)
  • graphing calculator (but only for one of the days) 
  • graph paper
  • ruler
What will the exam look like?
The ECA is given on the
computer.  One question will appear per screen.  Students should skip a question if they don't know how to answer it right away.  Students may also "bookmark" questions so they are reminded to revisit the question.  Once a student has reached the end of the exam he/she will see a list of all questions.  The question will either say "answered" or "unanswered".  All bookmarked questions will also be indicated.    From this list students may revisit any question on the exam. 
What types of questions are asked?
 Multiple-choice - The answer to the question can be found in one of four answer choices provided.

Numeric response - The answer to the question is a number response that must be typed in the text box.  Only numbers will be allowed, no variables.

Short answer - The answer to the question is a single expression or equation that must be typed in the textfield. 

Extended response - The answer to the question is a graph or a written explanation that must be typed in the space provided.  Students should explain their answer in full detail since partial credit may be awarded.