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Art K-4 

   Hello! My name is Dana George and I am the art teacher at Maple Elementary. I am a graduate of Herron School of Art and Design where I studied Art Education with a focus in painting. My personal work ranges from abstract paintings, scenes from nature, portrait drawing and any project around the house that I could add my personal touch to. 
    The young artists in my classroom fill the room with excitement and ambition. A typical class is a whirlwind of exploring ideas, learning techniques and always striving to do our personal best. I love my profession, and I aim to exemplify that in my work, my lessons and my teaching. We all have a unique perspective on life, our experiences, and art...and I hope that by creating a warm and caring environment I can make sure that each student feels confident in their own creativity. We focus on artists, styles, techniques, critiquing and revising work, and most of all enjoying what we make.

   I look forward to yet another great year filled with inspiration!
Art Room Rules:
1. Come in quietly.
2. Show respect.
3. Keep your area clean.
4. Give your best effort.
Grading Scale
O: Outstanding
S: Satisfactory
N: Needs Improvement
U: Unsatisfactory