KEYBOARDING                              CORE SUBJECT SITES

 To login to Office 365:
  (student id nbr) 
Type the "Tab" key and it will redirect you to
ACSC Office 365 Page.
Password is the 8 digit student id nbr
We invite you to take advantage of the digital resources shown above to enhance your child's learning experience and support learning objectives.
Keyboarding Sites: New national technology standards encourage students to become proficient keyboarders earlier than ever before.  Why?  This allows students to focus on content, mechanics, and expression while publishing work rather than laboring to find the keys necessary to showcase their work.  Standardized online tests will also require elementary students to publish written answers digitally.  The more your child practices keyboarding, the less labored (s)he will be when publishing work online.
Pearson Math:  Pearson Math gives students and parents access to the math series' textbook, online lessons, games and manipulatives, as well as practice pages that can be printed from home. 
MH Reading Wonders  This resource gives students and parents access to our reading series resources like the textbook, extra stories, games, and additional practice!
Student login for the sites listed above:
 Username:  acsc(student id number-no spaces) eg: acsc12345678
 Password:  avon2015