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STEP UP: Grade 5 and 6 Laptop Initiative 
Parents, please "tune in" to the AIS West STEP-UP Virtual Training for Parents and Students! Be sure to complete the survey on the last slide to ensure your child receives credit for completing the training.  


Does my child need a laptop case or laptop bag?

Yes, we highly recommend every student carries their new laptop in a secured laptop bag/case.  Because our students are on the move, students are required to carry their laptops in a laptop case/bag that is fully padded.  
We have found that decorative "sleeves" or plastic protectors are not as durable and many times cannot resist typical force of activity during the school day.  Bags are currently on sale at Back to School Nights and in the office until the supply is gone.  

Do I turn in the optional Laptop Insurance Form to School?

The answer is NO.  Worth Laptop Insurance is a third party service not affiliated with ACSC.  If you have sent the forms to school, they will be returned.  Your form can be mailed to the company directly or you may register online here. Please ask your child to record their laptop's serial number as you will need it for the insurance form.    

What is the laptop's Serial Number for the laptop required for the Worth Insurance Form?

Each laptop has  a tiny serial number and bar code etched on the bottom of the laptop.  Students may write down their serial number to share with their parent/guardian. 
 For More Information about the STEP-UP Program, please visit the ACSC STEP-UP Information Page.



Parents, looking for something for your children to do at home? Check out these websites!

This is a subscription math site, but it gives 20 FREE math problems per computer each day. You can seach for content based on grade level and your child can get a quick review of skills. If they miss a problem, it will give an explanation on how to solve it. It's a great resource! is a free website that has many worksheets (and answer keys!) on a variety of different math concepts. Better yet, there are several versions of the same concept so that you can work on one together and then give them one to try on their own. Check it out!
Don't forget about our math textbook on-line! Use your child's student ID as their login and password. Besides being able to access their textbook, there are many different visual tutorials for each topic.