Student Leadership Convocation - September

Posted by Heather Gorgas at 9/9/2016

Friday September 9, 2016

Student Leadership Convocation for September




At River Birch our learning leaders are united and committed to providing the education every child needs along with the life and learning experiences they deserve!  Today we held our first student leadership convocation of the year.  It was titled Watch Me Lead, because we believe every child is a leader and can make a positive contribution to our school family. 

If you’ve been a part of our school family in the past you know we’ve celebrated Success Willpower Attitude and Goals (SWAG) in our students.  While we still recognize those traits in our school, we’ve evolved and no longer make that the central focus of our positive behavior efforts.  Instead, we’ve shared four rules that all learners can share:

Every day, inside and beyond our classrooms, the students in our school work hard to demonstrate positive actions and choices.  Today we communicated how students can earn leaves for their individual leaf collections, and how we’d celebrate their accomplishments.  We’ll share more with you very soon about our first leaf collection challenge which concludes on September 30th

At the dinner table or in the car ask your child:

  1. What are the River Birch rules?
  2. How do you earn a leaf for your collection?
  3. How many leaves do you need to earn to participate in the celebration?
  4. What are some ways you show leadership at school?


Here are some ways our students are demonstrating leadership currently:

Kindergarten:  Mrs. Prewitt’s class are 4-star leaders in the hallways.  Ask your child what this means!

1st Grade:  Mrs. Stewart has bilingual language leaders in her classroom who are helping a new student access learning in their classroom.

2nd Grade:  Mrs. Mirise’s class is leading a recycling effort to collect bottle cap lids.  Once they have enough they’ll take them to a meltdown facility and we’ll create brand new Buddy Bench for our playground.  Every kid deserves someone to play with at recess!

3rd Grade:  Mrs. Kennard’s class is finding individual passion in order to serve, contribute, and MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

4th Grade:  Our Ambassadors will lead learning in K-3 classrooms beginning next week!