Reflective Practice: Improvement Doesn't Happen by Accident

Posted by Heather Gorgas at 1/10/2017


We believe River Birch is a pretty special place for several reasons. Those reasons include our learners, families, and community.  We want to highlight our teachers as another reason River Birch is a very special place!  They constantly re-evaluate the learning experiences and opportunities they plan and implement.  As practicing professionals we value the time we have to reflect and plan in order to make our school the best it can be. Why?  One reason:  

Our kids deserve it! 

In December we reviewed the new content learned and dialogued about the implementation in our classrooms.  Afterwards, we enjoyed a breakfast together to celebrate a successful semester.  In January, we renewed our commitment to our vision of River Birch in the year 2020.  Our teachers deepened their understanding of a phase-in process to help children be more successful and independent in their learning stations.  In addition we reviewed educational theory and worked to find common ground in the type of learning experiences we offer in all our classrooms.  

As always, we thank you for the adjustments you make to your morning routine which allows us this time.  As we continue the journey in this school year we'll further focus on Bridges in Mathematics and the 6 Standards of Effective Pedagogy.  If you ever have questions please connect with your child's teacher.  

Partners in your child's education,

Mr. Kingery, Principal

Mrs. Gorgas, Assistant Principal